Friday, October 30, 2009

Kids Piano Lesson

Kids piano lesson include so much more than just a child and a piano. There are aspects involved that need to be taken into consideration when thinking of signing up your child for piano lessons. What are the benefits of piano lessons for kids? What variety of teaching styles is available? How will you know if these lessons are right for your child? The following information should help you in answering these questions.

Children obtain numerous benefits from piano lessons. Usually, this is the first instrument children learn. It is one of the easiest instruments for kids. One of the benefits of learning to play the piano is improving concentration. Focusing on playing a song correctly supplies this concentration. Music appreciation is gained by listening to songs and learning how they are played. Fine motor skills are honed as hands become nimble enough to play songs with ease and grace. Hand-eye coordination comes into play when eyes are trying to watch fingers and notes, intermittently.

Teaching Styles
Kids piano lesson can be given in a variety of teaching styles. It is easiest to start children out on a keyboard, seeing as these have smaller keys than a full-sized piano. Starting off with sheet music usually is frustrating for children. Some people start with the Suzuki method, where songs are listened to and then played. Note reading comes much later in the lessons, with this method. If a child is familiar with colors, there are color coded guides to learn piano by. There is a color strip which stands up behind the piano keys. This strip matches notes in a book. The child matches the note with the key next to the strip of the same color. A similar method with numbers, instead of colors, is also available. Pictures of piano keys with numbers drawn on them are on a page in front of the child. This page is accompanied by sheet music with each note given a number. Children match the note number with the key number.

Is it the Correct Instrument for the Child?
Children will act out when bored. They might be bored with their surroundings, activity, companions, or just looking for some sort of outlet. Piano lessons may be considered boring to some kids. Observe the lessons and possibly try introducing other instruments if your child shows signs of boredom. Maybe the piano is something your child would like to try later on. Every child is different and it's hard to say what age is the most appropriate for beginner piano lessons. Each parent will be able to judge the readiness of his/her own child.
Kids piano lesson is truly harder than piano lessons for mature people. It is because teaching kids require great patience and understanding. Just bear in mind that all of your hardships will pay off big time when you see your children playing the piano so well.


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